New Delete crud action for Local Storage


Since we cannot have Advanced queries for Local Storage, it would be useful if we have a CRUD action that deletes all the records given by a List likewise that is already done by the "CreateOrUpdateAll" action.

Created on 29 Jan (3 weeks ago)
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Good idea!

Delete and DeleteAll are already available upon creation of a local entity though?

Maybe you can specify more about your subject?

@Emman none of those action gives you the possibility to identify a list of records to be deleted. Diogo's idea its to have the posibility to set a list of records/id's to be deleted.

Other approach would be the possibility to have a DeleteFilter action (server and client), where we can define conditions conditions (like in ListFilter) for the delete statement, this way the flexibility would be even greater

I see... I get it now. Thanks! Yea, that would be useful :)