Add additional collection data types


OutSystems sorely needs more collection data types besides just a List.  Specifically a Hash Table/Map would be a great addition.  It would also be nice for the Hash to have functions such as GetKeys() and GetValues() that return a list of the keys or values.

I see many of our developers looping over one List and using the ListAny() to search a second list inside the loop.  This is super inefficient and if they had Hashes at their disposal, they could greatly increase the performance of this code.

Created on 13 Feb (4 days ago)
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Hi Scott,

Are you aware of the various Forge Components that implement exactly that? Like this one.

Yes, but we are still migrating from v10 on Java stack to .NET.  The Forge components are .NET only.  I also feel these container types should not require a Forge component.  They should be baked right into OutSytsems.

Well, they could be an OutSystems supported component, but I think they're a bit too advanced and too "high code" to have them in System or the like.