Copy value of attribute when viewing entity data

Aggregates & Queries

It would be handy if you could right click on any attribute in either aggregate results or when viewing data for an entity and copy the value.

Created on 13 Feb (4 days ago)
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You can already press Ctrl-C to copy, but I agree it would be nice to have it in the context menu.

Changed the category to Aggregates & Queries

Ctrl+C copies all the results visible in that column, you can't copy an individual value, and annoyingly you can't copy all of a column either as anything truncated is not included.

I want to be able to copy a single field.

Also,  something I added as an idea elsewhere, I want to be able to highlight a row and not a column, plus it would be handy to be able to copy a record (i.e. single row) or selection of records (i.e. rows).

Highlighting a column is rarely useful in my experience.

Whereas highlighting a row would regularly be useful for me, particularly where you have lots of attributes and need to scroll right to see the values, as it's really hard to identify which row is the one of interest.  If it were highlighted it would be so easy.

Agreed with all your points, even though it's not quite what you wrote in the initial Idea :).