Add Entity CRUD Operations that Accept Lists


I think there needs to be a built-in means of performing bulk CRUD operations on Lists in OutSystems.  If I have a list of records to delete, update or insert, I shouldn't have to use a For Each to loop over them and make multiple SQL requests.  These should be done with a single SQL statement without having to cobble that together in OutSystems in a very error prone way.  Other ORMs deliver this out of the box.  It's time OutSystems does the same.

Created on 13 Feb (4 days ago)
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I believe OutSystems wants users to use the SQL widget for those cases. That way you only make a single SQL request as well.

There's the "CreateOrUpdateAll" on Mobile. It could work similarly with Web. There's also a "DeleteAll", but that actually deletes all (i.e. clears the Entity), as opposed to "CreateOrUpdateAll" that takes a Record List.

We are still on v10 on the Java stack (in the process of moving to .NET).  So the "CreateOrUpdateAll" doesn't exist for us.

Like I said, this is Mobile only (sop also on P10), but it could work like that for Web.