Integration Logging Level - Show when/who enabled logging other than Default

Service Center

Sometimes, we discover that a certain REST API has its Logging Level set to "Troubleshoot" or "Full", but we do not know who activated it, nor since when it has been active.

It would be more secure to have the information of the person who enabled integration logs, and the time when it got enabled, similar to what we see when we lock a BPT Process.

  1. Whenever you choose a Logging Level other than "Default", it should display under the dropdown a message like this: "Logging level raised by <UserName> at <DateTime>"
  2. Changing back to "Default" should dismiss the message under the dropdown
Created on 6 Mar
Comments (2)

I think this is a good idea, but ideally all actions in service center should be auditable, like they are in LifeTime.

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