Lockdown - "social gamification"


The idea would be to encourage people to do the lockdown and see whose around is doing the same.

Possible features:

- Integrating with Google maps, we could add our home to this network and see our neighbors

- Share tips with our neighborhood (how to do shopping, what is open, limits, etc)

- Share specific needs that might arise in a neighborhood (for example, someone senior that can't go buy stuff, etc)

- In a broader scope, share tips for lockdown with kids, seniors, etc

- We can add a "gamification logic" to rank neighborhoods with more people on lockdown, achievements, etc.

This is just a quick idea that can be definitely improved with our community! 

Created on 16 Mar (3 weeks ago)
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I had thought of a neighborhood help app, but this is much nicer :)

I would suggest to complement it with self-assessment of symptoms & tracking, so that you can have a better idea of how it is going around you and who might need help.

Excellent idea!

How can I help?

Good ! Gamificantion usually works


Uh nice idea. which individual/house/district isolate longest ;)

How can I join?

Gamification in combination with collaboration will be great.

Nice idea!