Lockdown - "social gamification"


The idea would be to encourage people to do the lockdown and see whose around is doing the same.

Possible features:

- Integrating with Google maps, we could add our home to this network and see our neighbors

- Share tips with our neighborhood (how to do shopping, what is open, limits, etc)

- Share specific needs that might arise in a neighborhood (for example, someone senior that can't go buy stuff, etc)

- In a broader scope, share tips for lockdown with kids, seniors, etc

- We can add a "gamification logic" to rank neighborhoods with more people on lockdown, achievements, etc.

This is just a quick idea that can be definitely improved with our community! 

Created on 16 Mar
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I had thought of a neighborhood help app, but this is much nicer :)

I would suggest to complement it with self-assessment of symptoms & tracking, so that you can have a better idea of how it is going around you and who might need help.

Excellent idea!

How can I help?

Good ! Gamificantion usually works


Uh nice idea. which individual/house/district isolate longest ;)

How can I join?

Gamification in combination with collaboration will be great.

Nice idea!  

if i look at the games point of view, is the flow going to be something like this, people download  and register and should be able to register the geo location also. Now when some one logs in, there will be auto picker who can find the people nearby you based on the proximity and you might be able to create small network where you can shout for help.

Good idea!