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At a time when all the services of the National Health Service in each country are clogging up, I think it would be important to have an App to monitor people who may have symptoms, so that they can be more easily identified, and monitored and that their screening will be faster , and if justify making a call. As well as accompanying people who are alone or even elderly, so that these people can be monitored and the central services know that people are well, for example, they have to enter the App x in x time.

And here is a whole world of ideas that can be pulled out in order to help those who need it most and to relieve emergency medical services.

Created on 16 Mar
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It's a good idea.

There could be a web version for the Government to monitor and in the mobile version citizens could receive the information already audited.

Thank you Eduardo Sousa Sales Rodrigues.

There is a great example of how things can be articulated. From the kick-off I gave, numerous things can be built, very useful that on the one hand make life easier for health professionals and governments, and on the other hand, make citizens' lives more practical and with access to medical support more quickly, since it will be possible to better track what is urgent and what is not urgent.

If you have any suggestions that you think might add value to this idea, share ... all ideas are good.  And together we will build something that will bring value to all of us and to all societies in the world.

I'm sorry that my idea was not chosen, I think it could be very useful, but any idea that is implemented will already help the world a little more to pass this pandemic. I just found it curious that 3 of the 4 chosen ideas that I saw, come from colleagues of the Staff. But as I said, what matters is that any idea that is implemented, brings help and benefits to all humanity and no matter how small the aid, it is an aid. Congratulations OutSystems for your dedication to this cause so important to humanity.

Stay home and safe. Look after your parents and grandparents. Help your older neighbors.

Nuno Miguel Verdasca

This should have been selected. My vote goes for it.

Thank you very much for your vote Swatantra Kumar.

I vote for this idea!

Thank you very much for your vote Pedro Borges.

Some App like Covid-19 tracker from HealtyLinked Corp on Android Play.

I have come across URL a corona symptom tester  , simple web page and once you answers it can tell you the categorize you into 3 bands low ,medium and high and if you leave a number and you match the symptom medium or high you get a call back and some doctor will guide you.  

This could be a one of the ways to locate but these links should be from a trusted institutions or should have some kind of authorizations to run such activities.

Good idea!

Thank you Carlos!

Nice One!

Thanks for your support Afaque!