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on 11 Jun 2019
Development Environment Release 24

Sometimes we need to transform existing aggregate into SQL and it would be great to have king of "convert to SQL" build-in action to avoid manual routine process.

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Hi Christiana, 

where one of this limitations is present 

  • Structures in Sources
  • Calculated Attributes
  • Group By attributes
  • Dynamic Sorts

there is no button to convert to SQL ... 

If there is ambiguity it can be replaced with a placeholder but skeleton of SQL would be nice to have converted. 

What I usually do is set all input parameters and copy excused SQL and the replace OS entities names with SQL correct {***} . 

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on 11 Jun 2019

Hi Mykola,

I understand the limitations that you are referring too, however the feature that you are asking it's currently present on the product since Service Studio version 11.0.520.0 released in June 2019.

Regarding the limitation, we are always improving the OutSystems platform and evolving or creating new features.

Thanks for your feedback.