Ability to Pin Applications in Service Studio

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We have hundreds of applications in our factory environment but each team is responsible for maintaining only a handful of them. These applications are what I as a Developer is interested in and everything else is just noise which needs to be filtered out everytime I have to change something. 

It'd be save me a lot of time if I had the ability to Pin these applications to the top of service studio so I don't have search for these apps hundreds of time daily. 

Created on 20 Mar 2020
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Have you tried using "Users teams" in Lifetime?

You can group users per applications and choose specific roles for each user on team.

If the standard role for all developers only allows opening and debugging, as a team you can leave the role to allow for change and deployment. In the developers' Service Studio, only the applications for which they are allowed appear.

I hope help.


The status of this idea can be set to out of scope as you do this using LifeTime teams, roles and.oermissions.

Teams and pinning don't address the same use case... in no small part because teams are an organizational tool, and controlled by the organization, and pinning is a preference of the individual developer.


Yes I know but he mentioned pinning as limiting the view of applications to those that are teams responsible only, and that you can do with Teams.

Ok I am convinced the idea is different and status should not be out of scope