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Let’s create an app where emergency and medical personnel can place a reservation for groceries with their supermarket of choice. This way when they finish their long and tiring shift, they just have to drive by that supermarket to pick up their already packed up groceries (e.g. by showing medical ID). And if that supermarket is willing to deliver the groceries themselves, they can do it at a moment that is convenient for the emergency and medical personnel.

This way, we can give back to the hard working emergency and medical personnel. We help them by setting aside the groceries they need so they don’t have to find nothing but empty shelves in their supermarket after a long shift.

A couple of features:

- Registration page for supermarkets who are willing to participate (pick up/delivery options)

- Place Groceries order (pick up/deliver) by specific supermarket or by radius (so supermarkets within that radius can pick up an order)

- Calendar reservation for grocery shipments

- Search by supermarket name or for nearest participating supermarket (based on address or GPS location)

- And more...

Due to COVID-19 in a lot of countries it has become an issue that our hard working emergency and medical personnel either don’t find the groceries they need because of high demand and long shifts or they don’t find the time to/are to tired to do their groceries after a long shift.

I think this is app would be of great help to them and a lot of countries might find this idea useful.

They care for us, we ‘GroceryCare’ for them!

Created on 21 Mar (13 days ago)
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I love this idea Nordin!