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Within this scenario, the contact between each other has to be avoided. Specially, with the older people, being them more susceptible to the virus. With this app, we can offer support and safety to them, beside other people, like pregnant women, or persons with reduced mobility,  "obliging" them to stay more time inside home. This app can have two main functionalities, being them:

  • Info about the virus, like main symptoms, regions around the globe infected, and a lot of stats, that people can see every time they want, to fell more or less "safe", and perhaps, be more careful, and a chat robot can be added to, with human support of course;
  • Services area, where people can offer them self's to help others, like bringing food or basic goods, walk the dog for the necessitated ones, beside other services. On the other hand, people can request for that services.

I think that this could reduce the number of people on streets, not overload the national health service, and keep us all safe.

Per example, a person with 70s going to the hypermarket is taking a huge risk. Other case is the domestic animals, that have also their rights, and being walked is one of them. Is it correct to let a pregnant woman, or  reduced mobility people walk their animals, with this chaos? On other hand it is correct to the animals stay stuck in home? WE CAN HELP EVERYONE.

In Portugal, the NHS (SNS24) is getting overload with calls, and in some cases, people stay hours or even days without getting their phone answered. In my city there's a lot of younger people that are exposed to help the necessitated ones, but its hard to make that services available to the people. With an app, we can provide that.

We are in this fight together, so lets help each other getting out.

Created on 21 Mar 2020
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