Prevent closing down parks and public/nature area's by regulating numbers using an app.


Last weekend people wanted to get out and ended up to go to the same places. Resulting in Crowds and long waiting lines. 

My idea is to make an app where authorities can set a restriction on the amount of people in a certain timeslot. 

And public can see when spots are still available and book their timeslot. 

A bit like Alhambra in Granada is already doing for visiting the palace there. 

This way, in stead of lining up and creating a crowd. People could go for a walk in a wider area and still be sure they can visit the place when they come back at the appointed time. Or see from home it is too crowded and decide not to go. 

This way I hope we can keep open our parks and naturals area's instead of closing everything down. 

At least we will need an screen for authorities to enter the area's this applies to, which could be web or mobile. 

And a mobile app for people to show on their phone they have a valid booking 

Created on 24 Mar (10 days ago)
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