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When there are many tabs to be displayed on a single window and the tabs can no longer fit onto a single screen, rather than opening another service studio application, have the tabs display like Google Chrome (vertical list).

Created on 8 Jul 2011
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Uh, how come you have so many tabs open ?
Are you working on so many eSpaces at the same time ?

It would be nice however to have tabs for open webscreens/actions/webblocks. Now they are only accessible via the yellow arrows on the beginning of the toolbar
Well our platform application currently consist of 22 eSpaces, and im not sure how many extensions.

Now when I have a look at the work, I open 10 eSpaces or so and it uses up two servicestudio application. It would be nice if I could load up 1 service studio application with everything in it! 

Just like Google Chrome!
on occasion when we update core espaces, we need to open lots of other espaces to update the design.  a drop down arrow or window option is better than opening more instances of service studio.
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Out of the scope


Currently we don't have plans to do this.

Thanks for your idea!