Centrelink (Australia) - Eliminate Dangerous Social Contact - Crowds, Queues


In order to reduce the rate of infection, the Australian Govt has introduced shut down measures so people maintain social distancing.

The shut-down measures have caused mass unemployment which has now caused huge gatherings in every location in Australia where people are lining up for hours, in close proximity , to register for Australian Govt welfare benefits.

Ironically and potentially tragically, the measures taken to try to stop the spread of the virus have had the unintended consequence of perhaps worsening the spread through these crowds being formed outside Centrelink.

A mobile app could be used to gather all the required information and the required documents, so that citizens could upload their benefits application without having to line up (in unsafe social proximity for hours, if not days).

There could also be a section to advise benefit seekers of their entitlements and the likely road-map to receiving benefits.

Created on 25 Mar 2020
Comments (3)

Well, thankfully,  looks like this idea has been implemented via the MyGov web site - which is great !!

From the LinkedIn post from Stuart Robert posted (yesterday?) it look as if the Govt has taken action to set up an "intent to claim" process via MYGOV website that could eliminate the queues outside the centrelink offices

The scenario you mentioned that is one implementation of Virtual Queue, of course at Govt level where citizen numbers, as per the data provided by Stuart Robert already logged in people count is 280k and even increasing, it is very important to have servers  as well high capacity document archiving systems, however this solution still applicable to scenarios where there is a  smaller magnitude of crowd e.g.  small shops are supermarkets etc, even after COVID.