[Service Studio] - Logon Manager

By Carlos Gonçalves Bastos on 12 Jul 2011
If you work with several costumers and each with several instances (DEV, QUA, PROD, etc...) it would be nice to have a Server Logon manager where you could have all you systems organized.

Something like this, based on SAPGui Logon Manager approach

Joop Stringer13 Jul 2011
We've already asked for a "Remind me" / password save action.
So this would be so nice.
Fernando Sousa20 Jul 2011
BTW, have Service Studio and Integration Studio share the same server/logon list.
And all the entries should be saved in a local file, for us to be able to move this data to another PC.
enigma17 May 2012
but please make it safe =)
unlike SAP where you can nick the file, from someone else, to then login without needing to know the other users password.