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Ability to use one of the atributes of the record list as an input parameter in an query. It could be used like a temporary table.

select ...
from ...
where AAAAA in (select atribute from record_list)
Created on 13 Jul 2011
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I believe this is a different approach to the following idea:


As I think my comments on that idea still apply, i'm transcribing them:

"I would also suggest that we could use directly the query inside another query (as an entity of course). This could be a way of doing more complex queries just like the usual "nested" queries we can make in SQL.

Another option would be the ability to put the result of a query in a structure and use the structure in another query, but just like a normal entity (allowing joins with other entities and so on). As i can tell the normal use of structures now is like a more advanced variable to be filled at runtime..."

not sure if I understand it correctly.

The example just shows an advanced query where you can achieve the same.
So why have the record-list as input?