A local social network


Scenario1: someone is in a queue of people in a supermarket for hours, and want to share their frustration. They can just take a picture of the situation and publish in the "Wall" of zone of the supermarket. So, other people, that are thinking on going to that supermarket, can go to the "Wall" of the supermarket and read what the users are saying about that place, and make questions…

Scenario2: you are going shopping and want to know if there's any neighbour, in the building, that belongs to the "risk group" who might need that someone go shopping for them. All you have to do is to publish "going shopping. Does anyone need something?", and define the range of you publication. So any user in that range will see your publication.

The main idea is to create a social network, just like Facebook or LinkedIn, where the publications are bonded to certain geography. So users can see what's happening in a specific place (what the users that are there are sharing, or even make questions to them) without the need of being there physically, helping the " social isolation" that the authorities are recommending.

Created on 27 Mar
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Not quite, my dear!

I didn't take much time no analyse this Zingr, but with it can you go the map, zoom in for a building (of a supermarket, restaurants, Finances Services) and see what the people only in that particular place are sharing? That's the main idea of this app - see what's happening in one particular place without the need of being there... not just broadcast publications.

I had not understand that requirement. Then probably zingr does not allow it. 

I like that ideia of knowing what happens in a specific area. 

How do you imagine the interactions of someone outside the area with publications in the area? 

Imagine your Facebook wall... but for a specific place. And only users in that place can publish in that wall.

Users outside that place can only see the publications of this (main) wall - they can't add pubs there, to avoid info noise. The publications of outsiders towards that place will be shown, only to users that are in that place, in a secondary wall - this may be useful for outsiders make questions to the insiders, for example "There's empty tables on this restaurant?".

The idea is very raw, so if you have suggestions on how this app would be more handy, please, share with me -but not here, in private, please.