COVID-19 | Quick Dialer


Contact centres everywhere are under a lot of pressure. Our idea is to help people to easily and quickly find and dial for the right emergency entities, freeing the contact centres’ phones for the right urgent cases.

Example use case:

  • Citizen faces an emergency (Fire, robbery, poisoning, etc.). Draws our app, picks the right entity and the call begins immediately.

The goal is to have an app as simple as possible so the elderly can use it smoothly.

We could have the contact information of the main emergency entities available by location (GPS). The location could also be chosen manually.

The community could also collaborate by proposing updates or corrections to the database and therefore guarantee the integrity of the data and the continuous improvement of the project.


Created on 11 Apr 2020
Comments (6)

Simple and Key, adaptable without causing confusion with so many contacts and in the end powerful because it can be a tool to better filtrate in case of emergency in the future.

Congrats !!

Thank you very much! I hope it sees daylight!

Great idea! Thais would realy help in stressfull situations.

Hope so! Thank you very much Daniel :)

Are you thinking of Call From Browser - Make your mobile call numbers you click in your browser! something like this?

as soon as click on Call now, it will use the mobile sim to call that number

It would surely be something along that lines. Thank you for your input Ashis Rout!