HTML links without Id's

By André Ramos on 23 Jul 2011
When we define a normal link in ServiceStudio, without defining it's name, couldn't it be generated without a HTML id?

Those id's tend to be somewhat large, tipically something like 'wt17_wtMainContent_wtNewsItemTable_ctl08_wt7'. We use a lot of this links in table records and list records - widgets that multiply the results, where we endup generating a lot of text, in the markup, that we don't really need.
J.25 Jul 2011
it's a limitation of the .net framework afaik.

if Outsystems will support 4.0 we can have the normal id's like you wanted.
Rebecca Hall27 Jul 2011
Also have the ability to identify other html elements id's on the page for styling with css.