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The idea of this project is to help Rato-ADCC, an ONG that fights info exclusion with international and technological projects, to create an App where public entities, informal groups or the social sector can ask on the App marking on a map that they need volunteers to solve some issue regarding the lack of workers available.

On the other hand, everybody can use the App to find these entities in need nearby and apply to help them.

In these times when you never know if and when you need to put yourself in self-isolation, a volunteer can try to help and do your job, on a local parish, an elderly house or any other place. After this pandemic situation, the App can be useful to a lot of situations to help NGOs find workforce.

The support of OutSystems and the community is really important, to build together a great App and put it on-line to the world.

The global training partner ITUp supports this idea! Help us!

Created on 16 Apr
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Congrats! Thats a really good ideia!

Thanks Sandra :)

Excellent idea Tiago... I hope it moves forward :)

Go Tiago! Ideas like this should be supported, because they will withstand not only this pandemic but the ones to come. Also, they can be repurposed for other crisis or be used to improve the current social services ecosystem.

I see the usefulness at least one practical cases that i have encountered, with the locked down, no commuting and sealing of the borders for states, and the lock downs getting extended, really cause some people to get stuck in places, away from dying dependents, who really need help. They can shout for help any NGO.

Good idea, Tiago!

Hoping that OutSystems can help on it Eduardo :) 

Good idea, Tiago!

Great idea!

+ 1 Great ideia

Nice Idea 

Good idea!

Excellent Idea!

Thank you for the support of everybody :)

Good idea!

It could be nice if we have feedback about this idea. Somebody pick it ?

The idea didn't get the support from OutSystems on the Covid-19 program.

Still not implemented...