"Lock" Widgets together

By Justin James on 28 Jul 2011
Help! My UI guy has a habit of moving a Widget that depends on a surrounding If Widget, Container, etc. to provide important functionality. Please give me a way to "lock" Widgets together so that they move/copy/paste as a unit.
Kilian Hekhuis3 Aug 2011
That would be "grouping", as available in many other applications (most notably vector editing ones). Although this may be useful, I think you should not let "UI guy"s touch an eSpace. Let 'm make the mock-up, or tell you what to move where, but even with locked/grouped items, they can screw the stuff if not careful.
Justin James3 Aug 2011
Kilian -

My "UI Guy" has spent DOZENS of hours making changes. He needs to be able to work without my intervention.