Allow ServiceStudio's Assign properties panel to be dettached

On our radar
It would be good to be able to detach this panel from ServiceStudio, like a pop-up to define some values.

Instead of having to expand it horizontally to edit expressions that are a bit large, we could have it open in a pop-up, edit the values in it and close.
Created on 29 Jul 2011
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Good idea; I've popped this idea several times in the past.
In line with this creating a more visual mapping e.g. between an incoming XML structure and a database structure.
You can already double click a variable or value and a pop-up appears allowing you to edit. Or did this functionality disappear after implementing value/variable on one line? (I'm using 5.0)
Assiging more complex expressions to a single variable isn't the issue here; that works fine as you can see:

creating a good listing view of Record assigns that doesn't interfere with the IDE to show the design itself is more of an issue:

Most developers work with more than one monitor and need to have a pretty good overview. This would be created if Assign Lists would popup in a new window, just like the expression does.

Besides that I really don't care for the "Variable [number] and Value [number]" text.
I'm assigning variables here; don't really care about the [number] part here.

Take a look at Legacy programming languages i.e.:
  • Quick Basic
  • Bash
  • Visual Basic
  • C

The assignment popup should look a bit like this:
I see. You've got my vote.
Thanks ;)
Double-Clicking on the Assign on the canvas should open the pop-up in a similar way to the old simple query.