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We have an extension to map entities to an external database. This is a large database with over 500 entities. In order to maintain the extension, we need to map to new entities, refresh some (if there were changes to columns), and removed mapped entities when the database drops them.

To accomplish this today, we have to manually remove each entity. We have to click on each entity and do "Refresh" (or we could remove them all and then remap, which is a pain if we did any tailoring). And if we want to add a new mapping, we get a list of all the tables (even though we have many mapped) to select from.

Couple of ideas:

1. At the root Entity folder, offer a right-click and "Refresh All" option. This option would run the routine to refresh all mapping to entities

2. When selecting "Connect to external table or view...", then just show me tables and views that I have not already mapped to.

Created on 23 Apr
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