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OutSystems is a nice platform and has a great portal providing so many diverse features under the same hood, but having an option to share the candidates' credentials, certifications with the entire professional or social network is missing. 

There are few famous platforms like Acclaim (by Credly/Pearson), Exin and CertMetrics (by Alpine) who provide candidates resume-worthy verified achievements to unlock opportunities and at the same time respect the issuer brand. These platforms are designed to allow a candidate easily and efficiently manage and share professional achievements. Individuals can share his/her badges with potential employers with the details of what this certification means to their business.

The biggest value for a candidate is they can showcase all their certifications (OutSystems or non-OutSystems) at one public profile with an option to choose which information they want to share and which not [, making it fully GDPR compliant :) ].

Created on 26 Apr
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