Add date/time to Run tab in Service Studio

By Kurt Vandevelde on 9 Aug 2011

I think it might be interesting to add a date/time in the Run tab in Service Studio.

Sometimes, it might be handy to know when the last action was. Might save some time because if you're not sure the run was executed recently (because you got disturbed from your work e.g.), you're obliged to do it again. 

When performing a 1-CP, you can see when hte oml was uploaded, but when you run and debug, the info is not available.
Kilian Hekhuis10 Aug 2011
For a 1CP, it is also not readily visible in Service Studio. I always wondered why this is. Your problem is very recognizable, and can easily be solved methinks.
J.10 Aug 2011
I believe this is fixed in 6.0?
Kurt Vandevelde10 Aug 2011
I'm using 6.0.
In the status bar, I see [espace].oml saved at hh:mm. So if a save is done automatically before a run, it will indeed contain the correct date/time.

I agree with Kilian that it is not very visible. But now we know where to look ...