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When we have more than one ServiceStudio's versions installed, it would be interesting if when we double clicked on an eSpace, the opened ServiceStudio version was the one that matched the eSpace's version.
Created on 9 Aug 2011
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If we opened a 4.2 eSpace, 4.2 ServiceStudio would open. If we opened a 6.0 eSpace, 6.0 ServiceStudio would open. 

To upgrade an eSpace to a higher platform version we would have to do it explicitly.
That would be rather difficult to implement, as it is Windows that starts the right application based on the file extension. Your idea would mean to have some kind of pre-load tool that examines the eSpace and starts the right Service Studio. But that would take extra time on loading (and the loading process already *is* so slow...)
I agree with the idea.

How I want it to be implemented is to be able to open espaces without automatically upgrading the espaces.
and be able to keep the target as is.

so a setting "target plaform" would be awesome :D

context, I have a couple of customers which each a different platform server.

There's a nice script in the forums by Acácio which creates a context menu with possible versions. It would be a nice feature to complement the default target version. Script here: https://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?Topic=Tip%3A-running-multiple-versions-of-Service-Studio-and-Integration-Studio