Excel Import: Being able to check on more input colums then defined in entity or structure

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When the Excel to RL widget is used you'll get an error when there are less colums then defined in the entity or structure. But when you have more colums defined there is no error and the process is started.

It would be nice to being able to check if there are more colums in the uploaded excel list then defined in your entity or structure. On this way errors can be prevented.

(Big) Example:
There is an upload for updating article data in the DB. The article entity has 20 attributes. These attributes can contain article information but isn´t mandatory.

So now there are mulitple employees who update the article data and one of that employee has copied article information from a list (he has got from a suppier) to the upload list and didn´t watched about the number of colums (since there are many it hard to count) and there is a extra colum.

Now the list is uploaded and no error is shown (there are more colums then defined and this is possible) but in the upload process the value are placed in the wrong field by the 'extra' colum thats in the excel list, what is creating wrong article data.

, but the excel list has 11 colums (let assume a employee has added an extra colom
Created on 19 Aug 2011
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