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Hi all,

In our Infrasctrure we have more than one Development Environment, but we can only use Architecture Dashboard for one Development Environment.

From Documentation:
"Currently, you cannot have more than 1 Code Analysis environment (usually development environment) per installation, i.e, with the same activation code."

I know that is only impacts in big software factories with different development pipelines, but is a nice tool for all developers.

Created on 11 May
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Good idea! It would be very useful!

I totally agree.

It's necessary, especially for the big development teams.

Indeed! Same, if you want to use the code analysis and the performance analysis on the same environment.  There is the limitation.

Especially when your Dev environment has a lot of clone/testing/unnecessary screens that would be detected by Architecture dashboard. It's painful to the eyes. This idea is better to track what environment/s really matter.

This possibility would be essential. I am developing in several lines of DEV and we are having problems verifying the code analysis. We don't even have access. For me this improvement is super urgent. 

Hi Luís, 

Your question made us look again for our documentation, and understand that this point was not clear. 

In fact this behavior is by design, according to our current license model.  

"One License, corresponding to one Activation Code, can have several environments but only one development environment."

Kind Regards,


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For now, we will continue to follow our licensing model.