Allow SEO-Friendly URL Site Rules to Accept Wildcards

By Chris Munson on 26 Aug 2011

We use a URL structure like this:

For example:

We parse the URL within the application to pull the company URL prefix (e.g. abc in the above example) in order to customize the look and feel (e.g. we change the colors, logo, etc. to match our customer's requirements) of the application screens for our users.

Since we are not implementing a unique version of the application, we use the SEO-Friendly URL Site Rules to send users to the correct eSpace.  Right now, we have to add a site rule for each customer that uses our application: goes to SalesApp eSpace goes to SalesApp eSpace
... goes to SalesApp eSpace

It would be easier for us if we could use a wildcard and only enter in one rule.  Something like:
* goes to SalesApp eSpace

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