Automated Solution delivery

On our radar
We work on a development server, create solutions there and then upload them to the production environment where it will be published. 
In coming time we will install an QA/Test server between dev and prod server. This server will also need a solution upload and publishing.

It would be nice if there was a little more automation for this. I am thinking about the possibility to have 1 place where you can manage all the solutions (not and dev and prod and qa server).

Also, it would be very handy if the solution delivery could be time based. So we could set a timer to create and deliver a solution on 2000 or 0100hr.

Lastly it would be very nice if this automation tool had an email system within it that delivers an email about the progress or errors of a delivery.

Thus what I want is:
- 1 tool for all solution deliveries
- possibility to set time for delivery
- have feedback about the status of the delivery
Created on 29 Aug 2011
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