Cyphered site properties

By André Ramos on 30 Aug 2011
It would be nice to be able to define cyphered site properties to store application passwords.
Kilian Hekhuis31 Aug 2011
You mean encrypted?
André Ramos1 Sep 2011
Yeah, encrypted
Kilian Hekhuis1 Sep 2011

Well, the problem would then be that it must be a reversible encryption, if it must be communicated with some external source, making it a bit of a moot point. Perhaps a better idea would be to have a "password" type, and only show *** or the like (but of course when editing, the plain password shows again).

André Ramos23 Dec 2011
It could have a system's master password to reverse it.
Daniel Martins5 Nov 2013
I liked it! It would be very useful.
Sometimes we need to store proxy users and pwds, for example, that’s used on ECT_Client_Connector, proxy settings and authentication are stored on site proprieties and the pwd it's not encrypted....
Vasanth 10 Jun 2014
I would like to see this feature with site properties having the password type so as to hide the text while you enter in the service center.
J.29 Apr 2015
I would like to see "password" site-properties..