Keyboard modifier (Shift) when dropping Boolean variable in the flow


Hi everyone!

When dropping a Boolean variable in the flow, an IF element is created.

But sometimes the intention of the developer is to assign a value to the Boolean variable. In this case it would be helpful to use a keyboard modifier (Shift key) to allow to change to an Assign element instead of an IF element.

Yes, there are other alternative ways to do it, as shown in the example below (Figure 1), but this would be a nice accelerator for development.

The alternative ways are:

1) Drop the Boolean variable into an already existing Assign;

2) Using the AI-Assisted development to create an Assign element for the Boolean variable.

The same keyboard modifier (Shift) could be used when dragging a Record variable to the flow, when the intention is to set the complete record and not the individual attributes, like on the second example below (Figure 2).

--Tiago Bernardo

Figure 1 - First example.

Figur 2 - Second example.

Created on 27 May
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