Add use of shortcut CTRL+H in Properties Editor to hide warning


In the TrueChange tab in the Development tabs, it is possible to hide a warning by either right click the warning and select option "Hide Warning (CTRL+H)" or simply use the shortcut key CTRL+H, which is very efficient.

What I normally do is double-click the warning to navigate to the location and then evaluate if I can hide the warning or not.

It would be very helpful if at the location of the warning I could immediately hide the warning using the same shortcut CTRL+H.

This would work the in the same as shortcuts CTRL+D to delete an assign instruction inside an Assign element, and Del to just delete a simple line of an assign instruction also inside an Assign element.

The example given is for an Assign element, but this would be available wherever a warning can exist, like also for example in input parameters for SQL elements.

--Tiago Bernardo

Created on 21 Jun 2020
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