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Just today, we had to clean up a mess on our development environment, because we wanted to test an application which was provided to us in a Solution Package.

Only after 1-click-publishing the solution package through service center did we notice that this solution was made in 5.1 instead of 6.0, and that it included several eSpaces and Extenstions we use in other applications. (RichWidgets, some of its references, Themes etc.)

Needless to say, lots of dependencies were instantly broken after this publish. Now, we had to check this solution package and delete/rollback the individual components, and then republish ALL other applications to restore all references and dependencies.

I would like to see an option in ServiceCenter to be able to rollback such a mistake in one simple action. Something like "Rollback last publish".
Created on 27 Sep 2011
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Ouch that had got to hurt... Make sure to first publish the Outsystems base components (eg Richwidgets first) you can use the outdocumenter to decide in which order to compile each oml version.
Adding upto this issue; a quick way to create a solution package containing all latest versions would have helped Thijs cpovering the manual rollback sonce dev usually has the latest version running.