Integrate OutDocumenter eSpace info (documentation, unused code, etc.) in Service Studio

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Hi, i have read a topic asking for detecting unused code easily in Service Studio, and also have seen OutDocumenter becoming OutDoc, to generate documentation. Perhaps there is some on this, but am not finding it...

My idea is :

All that eSpace specific info we have on OutDocumenter (Documentation, unused code, screens without authentication)...

Let us see a "Best Practices" tab inside Service Studio with all that detail...If it is too heavy to put in True Change, that add a Best Practices button there...
Created on 10 Oct 2011
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Honestly, I think OS is not interested in adding that kind of features in the platform...

The community has been asking for years for access to the OutDocumenter (OutDoc is truly useless in comparison) features either in the UI or in a available feature from OS itself, even if paid (for OS certified partners for example)

I've been asking this personally for years, both with the Partner's Manager as well with some other ppl, the answer was always "we cannot or we won't release this", which, in my humble opinion, contradicts everything OS is suppose to be (open-source minded ppl, with a large community sharing among themselves, etc.)

I wish you the best of luck for this request, but I also think it won't happen