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It's a common pattern in OO programming to have a loose coupling of objects by using events. One object raises the event and one or more objects previously registered a handler for this event will then react to this event.

To further enable louse coupling between modules it would be very helpful if a module would be able to raise an event and other modules could react to this event (because they have registered a handler (=action) for this event).

Created on 28 Jul 2020
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I think this is a very interesting idea, to have events and event handlers outside the context of a (web)block.

That's would be a great and core feature for server side services and would be mandatory to complete a real (micro)services approach. The platform then will be ready for isolate the domain modules and communicate through events.

Like a subscriber & observer pattern right?

It would add some complexity but, being an optional feature to use, I don't see the problem. It would give a lot more flexibility to "power users", especially working in a microservices architecture.

Nice one!

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