Being able to send mails from Reactive Applications

Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2021


Currently it is not possible to send mail from reactive applications. The workaround is to create a traditional web application and send the email from there, wrap it around in a server action and call this action from your reactive web application.

Please make it possible to do this from a reactive application directly so there is no need anymore to make a separate traditional web application.

Created on 29 Jul (2 weeks ago)
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I didn't know that it is possible from traditional web app, if it is then it needs to be added in reactive also. 

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Working on it
expected delivery in Q3 2021

Hi Bas,

Thank you, that is a great idea. It's on our backlog and we expect to deliver it next year, but we're still not really sure when we can deliver it.

Tiago Simões


Emails are so basic and must have. I do agree that there is workaround as explained by Bas, however it should be functions away in stead of carrying an additional web app.