[Service Studio] Feature to automate icon assignment to static entities records

Service Studio

When creating a static entity, for UI purposes, it's good to add icons to each record, to give a clue for devs to make sure they are using the correct record. When talking about a icon font it makes even more sense, specially if the font could not be rendered in service studio (I made an Idea about that "issue": https://www.outsystems.com/ideas/9344/dynamic-style-classes-on-extended-properties-to-be-evaluated-at-design-time ).

Defining an icon for each of the 1.5k+ records of a font icon static entity, 1 by 1, it's costly in terms of time.

My Idea is to have a feature in Service studio that try to map the records of an entity with the images in a folder, comparing the filename with the record identifier.

Created on 31 Jul 2020
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