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I need to be able to go to the older versions of an eSpace and delete them. Right now, my SQL Server Express databases are hitting their 4 GB limit on development machines, because they are versioning a 3.5 MB OML (lots of graphics in it) constantly. I don't want to have to buy a full-size SQL Server license for a development machine or have to periodically wipe out and reinstall my eSpace because of this.
Created on 24 Oct 2011
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25 Oct 2011

Doesn't the 'Check Old eSpace Versions to Delete' option, on the eSpaces list screen, do what you want?
25 Oct 2011
Andre -

I had no idea that this functionality was there, thanks! I never even noticed the link to the point where I remembered it, I expected to find this functionality under individual eSpaces...

While it could use some tweaking in the UI, this is precisely what I was looking for. :)

26 Oct 2011
I recommend to like this idea http://www.outsystems.com/wisdomofthecrowds/IdeaComment_List.aspx?IdeaId=199

since we cannot purge all old versions at once...