Allow Blocks to be bound to Label widget


Several of the patterns provided by OutSystems UI can be used as replacements for native widgets (e.g. Input or ComboBox), but since they are not native HTML elements they cannot be bound to a Label and take advantage of the Is Mandatory text decoration nor the focus switch when the Label is clicked/touched.

It would be an interesting language development if any Block could optionally define one of its widgets as the default widget for this purpose though! Blocks with a default widget defined would then be available for selection on the Label's Input Widget dropdown.

OutSystems UI and any other pattern library could then make use of this and integrate seamlessly with the existing Form behavior.

Idea sparked by this post : https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/64101/outsystems-ui-dropdownsearch-is-not-a-valid-label-input-widget/ 

Created on 27 Aug 2020
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Perhaps what we need is a real way to define a custom form control, like a web block but with support for other form widget things:

- IsValid attribute (exposed to the consumer)

- ValidationMessage attribute (exposed to the consumer)

- Value input attribute with 2 way binding (like the Input Value attribute)