[ServiceCenter] Automated Update Notification Service & Installation of components directly via ServiceCenter

By Robert Chanphakeo on 31 Oct 2011

Components are built by various developers, when a component is updated, a notification is to be displayed in ServiceCenter to let the user know the component is out of date, an update is available.


How does it work?

1) User login to ServiceCenter and views a Solution

2) On the Solution listing screen, ServiceCenter pings solution Url published via outsystems.com via RSS feed (or Outsystems Public Web Service).

3) ServiceCenter verifies via RSS an update is available is newer than the solution installed? If true, display update notification message to user.

4) User clicks on "Update" button

5) ServiceCenter downloads solution from outsystems.com and published the new solution .


Alternatively, the user is able to search for components via ServiceCenter and install new components directly via ServiceCenter without ever having to leave ServiceCenter.

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