download element in automatic activity process

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Like to have a 'download' element in an automatic activity in a processflow.

We want a (timer)process to download a file (from an ftp server) and then process it (transform a downloaded excel file to an existing entity).    
Created on 31 Oct 2011
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If you create a user action that does this and call this action from the activity flow, I think you can already accomplish this.

Hi Hans, To my knowledge the download element can only be used in webscreen related actions. In that case an interaction with a user is needed. If I'm wrong: please let me know.
Hi Harry, 

if you mean download to the browser, you are correct. (in a process it would not make sense to download, as there is no UI to download to)

I assume you want to download from an external system (ftp server) and process from within the process itself.

Putting a file to an external system would ofcourse also be possible from a process, just not using the download action.

It will probably mean downloading some component which supports FTP downloading or creating an extension yourself.

If you need more info, don't hesitate to contact me ;)

Hi Hans, your assumption is right. I guess for now we have to make an extension, but I'd like to have a download element in an automatic activity (thus in a proces) to be incorporated in AP.  That was exactly why I posted my idea in the WOC.
Hans, Thank you for the links. Now we can have a proces which uses an ftp extension and process the file from the ftp server (did not try it yet, but get the idea).