Architecture Dashboard - Export data from API to use in CI/CD pipelines

Architecture Dashboard
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Hi Guys,

It would be great if we could access the findings from the Architecture Dashboard from an API.  This is very useful to connect with CI/CD pipelines. Sometimes we had an Architecture team looking for all projects and if we could aggregate the info in one external tool is a must have for us.

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Created on 15 Sep 2020
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Good one! Thanks for the insight 

. It would certainly help even more, in addition to making some exceptional processes for project control manageable.  .

Changed the status to
On our radar

We are beginning discovery around this topic, to close find a good fit for everyone and make it useful.

Probably this could a way to build external management dashboards as well.

I will get in touch Fábio!

The APIs will be important for CI/CD automation. Would there be any roadmap for this feature to be available ? 

When do you think that it will be available?