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Doesn't ServiceStudio's visual development fit the tablet's paradigm?
Created on 11 Nov 2011
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Build an eSpace from my iPad 2.
That would be awesome, but I don't see it coming :P

Apple doesn't allow compilers (or anthing else being able to create or run software independently), afaik. Also, with the myriad of different OS and hardware versions, the table market is way too difficult to create anything for but simple apps, imho.

Just a quick hint, if you want to do it right now it is possible :)

There is an application for both Android Tablet Devices and iPad it allows you to stream all content from a PC device, video and sound, you can have several PCs configured, the Streamer/Server version is free, the remote application is paid. 

The software name is Splashtop.

I'm a new comer to Outsystems development, and I already have used like that, it brings you kind of a cloud development studio, as long as you have internet on both ends you are on ;) 

The experience is the same as being on your PC, so the menus are not Tablet optimized but is workable and the thouch interface helps a bit. 

You will have to enable internet discovery linked to your google account, so that you can access your development machine everywhere.

I hope this can help a bit, until we get a native application, or cloud like IDE ;)

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