Make submitted feedback visible to the poster or mayby even the community


When I submit feedback from within one of the OutSystems tools or products (Service Studio, Life Time, Service Center, Workflow builder, Experience builder, etc)

I never know what happens with it. There is no visibility of what I have submitted or of it was used to fix or improve OutSystems product.

It would be nice to see a list of previous feedback I submitted and some clue of somebody look at it or works on it. With reply functionality it can even allow the product team to communicate with the poster of the feedback in an organized way.

Maybe it could even be considered to make this available to community or support pages.

Created on 17 Sep
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+1 !

I have mentioned the same to the support a few times. The current way feels like we are sending our feedback to a black-hole.

I have explained - many times - to OutSystems that one of the reasons why people feel there is no point to using "Submit Feedback" is because it feels like it disappears into a black hole. It's also frustrating to not get any kind of timelines or response to feedback.