Online OML upgrader & Default IPP policy 'stripped'

Install Processes
On our radar
On the network a lot of good examples are available.
Even 'Legacy'  OML's can be a good example for developers.

I'm running into two resolvable issues in trying out legacy examples and implementing Extensions / OSP's.
  • IPP is set for the majority of both Extensions and example OML's
  • Older OML files need to be upgraded first with a version of Service Studio older than the one I have installed
These two issues, I think, could get a good 'fix'; simplifying the testing of extensions and examples and with that increasing adoptivity:
  • Always set IPP of the stored Extensions and OML's to the Community's activation code  [ ]
  • Offer an online OML upgrade tool (eventually perhaps built-in in the download button so one can select the Service Studio environment directly on download)
    (A default Service Studio version could possibly be set in the User settings)
Created on 11 May 2010
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