Undigg Ideas

By Eric Oud Ammerveld (PS10) on 11 May 2010
It would be nice to have a "undigg" feature to 'rate' an idea as bad.

Currently idea's can only be rated as good while there are idea's that might
look good at first sight while there is a good reason to 'undigg' the idea e.g.
because it would need a 'strange / illogic' structural change.

Ofcourse this idea could then also be "Udigged' bigtime. :)
André Ramos11 May 2010

Having an opposite idea largely dug achieves this... :-)

isn't this some overkill?

Bad ideas (undugged ones) are now the ones with no diggings.
About the overkill.

Undugged Ideas are either Idea's that are 'unchecked and unrated' or 'checked and unrated'

From that point of view the rating is missing out on important information.

An alternative would ofcourse be to check how many views an idea has and divide the amount of diggs by the amount of views to get a percentage 'digged'
with that I agree.

I think people alreay don't look at the first idea's anymore.

you're alternative is gonne be a tricky one but I like that idea!