Debugger should start immediately when a breakpoint is added

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Whenever a breakpoint is added Service Studio should check whether the debugger is started.
When not Service studio should start the debugger.

It would be nice to that the debugger stops when the last breakpoint is removed, but first things first..... :)
Created on 30 Nov 2011
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Yeah, that would be nice! Or at least ask whether to start it. Keeping the debugger running without breakpoints seems rather pointless, do I use it sometimes. And it doesn't hurt of course.
What would be the advantage?

less clicks?
That, and you can't forget to do it. More than once I've stared at my screen in disbelieve for not taking a break point, only to discover I forgot to start the debugger.

In the latest version of Service Studio (10.0.707) the debugger's given a bit of an overhaul, and when setting a breakpoint, although the debugger doesn't start right away, Service Studio switches to the debugger pane, so only a single click is needed to start debugging. Not quite "immediately", but the best of both worlds, I'd say.