Automatically set Comment as reminder by prefix

By Anton Van Puyenbroeck on 5 Dec 2011
When I create a comment, it would be nice if there was an automatic way to set it as a reminder. For instance, if I use a specific prefix like "TODO:" or "FEATURE:" it would always be set as a reminder, and show up in the TRUECHANGE list!
What would cost more time, setting the text 'TODO'/ 'FEATURE' or clicking: reminder: true? I think the first. If you write it quickly you could make a error in the prefix and you won't see it at all.

You could use prefixes and lets assume you want that comment to be done before publish or going to production you use a search on that prefix.

Kilian Hekhuis8 Dec 2011
I always add "TBD" or "TODO" anyway, so this would be a neat feature. Of course, the list of tags that trigger this should be configurable.
Joop Stringer28 Dec 2011
Would be much nicer (thought I already posted) to have the name of the action where the comment is, in the list of reminders. Now you'll only see a list and have no clue where it is for
Kilian Hekhuis29 Dec 2011

Well, you can click the reminder iirc? This also goes for other warnings/errors btw.

Joop Stringer30 Dec 2011
I know, however if you are publishing you'll get the whole list and then you don't see where the reminder is
Justin James8 Nov 2013
If a comment begins with the word "TODO", set "Reminder" to "Yes" automatically.


Merged from 'Reminder = "Yes" for comments that start with "TODO"' (idea created on 2013-11-08 19:53:20 by Justin James), on 2014-01-24 13:07:35 by Gonçalo Borrêga